Building Capacity Together

“Working together to enhance the capacity of service providers to better serve vulnerable newcomers in Toronto.”

Building Capacity Together aims to enhance the capacity of service providers to address the unique needs of refugee claimants and other vulnerable newcomers in Toronto through a series of “train the trainer” workshops.This project is intended to support the continuous knowledge-sharing by service providers working with vulnerable newcomers across Toronto, including settlement workers, City staff, medical professionals, educators, social workers, community workers, and more. The  area of the website contains all of the materials needed to replicate each of our workshops, including presentations, facilitator notes, and resources. Each workshop toolkit also includes a short slide show with simple talking points for workshop participants to use when presenting the information they have learned with their organizations. We welcome you to access the workshop toolkits.

About the Project

Building Capacity Together is a collaborative project involving all Local Immigration Partnerships in Toronto. The goal of this project is to enhance the capacity of communities and service systems to address the unique needs of refugee claimants and other vulnerable newcomers in Toronto. We strive to do this by:

  • conducting 12 half day “train the trainer” workshops on 9 subjects that have been identified by service providers as training priorities;
  • encouraging workshop participants to share the knowledge that they have learned with their organizations;
  • publishing the curriculum of training modules online for use by workshop participants and the public;
  • creating and moderating an online platform for service providers to communicate with each other;
  • organizing a symposium to share the project’s lessons learned and encourage further capacity building across Ontario.

Building Capacity Together started in April 2018, and ended in March 2019.

About LIPs

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are multi-sectoral planning tables that bring a cross section of stakeholders together to identify ways  to support the integration of newcomers into local communities. The overall objective of LIPs is to enhance collaboration, coordination, and strategic planning at the community level in order to foster more welcoming and inclusive communities as well as improve settlement and integration outcomes.

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